Aus dem Unterricht: Shakespeare Poetry Slam

28.11.2022 17:07

“Romeo und Julia”? Kennt jeder. Ist von William Shakespeare. Dass der auch 154 Sonette – kunstvolle Liebesgedichte mit nur 14 Versen – geschrieben hat, ist weniger bekannt. Im Englisch-LK werden einige davon gelesen, der Q2-LK von Frau Schraad hat anschließend selbst gedichtet. Read and enjoy!


Uliana Chashchina (Q2)



The truest and purest love to obtain

How do you perceive love?
Something incomparable from above.
Still, we try to explain
from precious experiences we gain.
Eros, Philia, Storge and Agape
Are the types of love that we try to shape.
But don‘t we limit it with our imagination?
Are we even aware of its creation?
The origin of love still lays there,
where in another atmosphere,
God decided to create mankind
And already then he had in mind
That his creation will create a ravine.
But he did not leave that unseen
As his only son became the way,
So that nobody is obligated to stray
In a world with no sense, no aim.
Instead, each and every person can claim
The truest and purest love to obtain.

 Jessica Topchiy (Q2)



Music is my medicine
It helps me a lot
Mostly I listen to it when I am bored
But also when I am not
When I listen to it my mind is free
No matter if it is old or new
It is always in a way affecting me
And gives me on many things a new view
I listen to it quiet and I listen to it loud
No matter where I am
And what it is all about
I will always listen to it again
Whether I am young or whether I am old
Music will always be valuable for me as gold

  Yannis Zikeli (Q2)



Melissa Brot (Q2)



Your love is like a warm tea on a cold night. 
You are a column that holds me upright.  
For all my life you‘ve been there for me 
and when I cried you hold me close. 
For you, I‘ll fight a thousand foes. 
 Dear mother, as loving as can be. 
 Forever a hero to me. 

Luis Düster (Q2)



Foto: pixabay